The Buwala Home

The Buwala Home is a home for orphans and vulnerable children, located outside of Jinja, Uganda. The home is run by a friend of Caleb Rukundo’s, Paul Bogere, and his wife Rose. Though Paul may not be as cosmopolitan as Caleb, they share a passion for improving their communities and providing for children in need. The Buwala Home is located in a lovely and peaceful rural area. The mighty Nile flows by just a few kilometers away from the home. At the home, there are around 60 kids. The ACCT group secures sponsorships for the children at Buwala to go to school. The ratio of boys to girls at the home is about 11949428_1127829650580422_8129458556585532402_n50-50.

In 2015 a new dormitory was completed, and this has become the girls home. The boys stay in the older dormitory. The children range from ages 4 to 20.  On the property, they grow crops and raise animals, including pigs, goats, cows and turkeys. The piggery is a new project and their pigs are doing very well and 11215513_1127832403913480_5629309717486904030_ngrowing fast! They keep some of their
agricultural goods, and sell the rest. Through these projects they are working to become more self-sustainable. In 2015, they were also able to dig a well on the property.

Paul and Rose also strive to provide vocational training for the children at the home. We have purchased four sewing machines which are now at the home, and they have a sewing school were children and community members can learn to sew.

Because this home is technically not run by the Amahoro Children’s Organization, but instead by Caleb’s friend Paul, it was not listed under the projects for the Amahoro Children’s Organization. However, it is one of the main projects for the Amahoro Children and Community Team.

Future Projects

At the Buwala home, they are hoping to make some changes to improve their goat herd. We are also working on getting electrical lights for the new dormitory. Eventually, Paul would like a van or car of some kind for transportation. This is particularly important should one of the children get sick, then they have a way of taking them in to a clinic in Jinja. The car will also be useful for transporting supplies to the home. We also hope to renovate the boys dormitory. It is a several years old and needs some repairs. Lastly, Paul has expressed a desire for computer training for the kids. This is logistically tricky, but it might be possible to get a computer or two at the home that children could learn on. If you have questions about these projects, please contact us. If you want to support one of these projects donate here.