The Gateway Youth Ranch

The Gateway Youth Ranch is a large property located in Nakasongola district, about two hours north of Kampala. The property has a boys home on it, as well as fertile fields where many crops are grown, and where a herd of cattle graze.

Amahoro Boys Home

The boys home at the Gateway Youth Ranch provides a safe nurturing home for more than 40 boys. The home was built in 2015 and is a large dormitory, similar in design to the one at Matugga. A dining hall has recently been constructed at the home as well. The home is equipped with a nearby well, and a water catchment system. On the roof there are solar panels which work very well for running the lights in the evenings.

The ranch is a wonderful place for the boys to grow up. They have a soccer field and lots of room to play. The ranch is free of many of the problems of Kampala, including the hectic bustle and noise. At the ranch the boys also help out with some of the crops. There is a school 2 kilometers away that the children go to.


Agricultural Program at the Gateway Youth Ranch

As part of our programs to become ranch-pic-2more self-sustainable as an organization, we grow a wide range of crops at the Gateway Youth Ranch. In 2015, we grew 40 acres of corn, and the harvest was bountiful! Now we have planted 20 acres of mango trees. In a few years they
will start bearing fruit. We also have pineapple, and leafy greens planted. Some of the crops are kept at the home for the boys to eat, some of the crops are sold to help support the home.