The Matugga Home

Built in 2009, this children’s home is well established and is a beautiful place for children to live.      Read more


The Gateway Youth Ranch

The Gateway Youth Ranch is a large property located in Nakasongola district, about two hours north of Kampala. The property has a boys home on it, as well as fertile fields where many crops are grown, and where a herd of cattle graze.         Read more


The Amahoro School

The Amahoro School is a new project at Matugga. Construction on the school was started in early spring of 2017. The Amahoro School will be a primary school for orphans and vulnerable children at the Matugga home, as well as children from the surrounding community.          Read more

Kisenyi Projects

Kisenyi is a large slum in Kampala. We run several programs in the slum, including the Kisenyi Feeding Program which provides free meals three times a week. We also have a Half-way house, which is safe  place children can sleep while they are either being resettle to their relatives or before they are able to go to one of the homes. Lastly we have the diamond project, which supports vulnerable women in the slum.      Read more


Future Projects

Poverty is a daunting issue in Sub-Saharan Africa. But instead of letting this get us down, we continue dreaming how we can make more of a difference for the poor. We are very excited to announce that we are currently fundraising to build the Mirembe Babies Home, for children between the ages of 0 and 4.  Read more