As we drove, we put the chaos and bustle of Kampala behind us and we entered a semi-rural area that is more peaceful and less crowded than the city. After driving through the rich green hills for a few minutes more, we arrived at the Matugga home. The greeting, as always, was simply beautiful. Amazing children like Hanifa, Sandra, Allan, Joel and others came running down to our bus, yelling with joy and sporting exceptionally joyous grins.  As we got off the bus we received hugs, hand shakes, and high fives. This description is from one of my trips to to the Amahoro Homes a few years ago, and it shows how wonderfully gratifying it can be to visit these homes. The children have had tragic pasts, but the love they are surrounded by at the homes allows them to pour out love to others. You visit the homes in hopes of helping them in some way, but in turn they help you. These wonderful children can teach you Joy, or help give you perceptive, and teach you many other things.

Visitors are an important part of the Amahoro Childrens Homes. Visitors come from all over. The Amahoro Children and Community Team (ACCT) from Southern Oregon sends a group each year that serves at the homes. Other groups also visit.

Visitors often bring supplies, including clothes, school supplies, etc. Visitors work with Caleb and the other staff to dream of ways of making the homes better, and of increasing our impact in the fight against poverty.

Please contact us if you would like to visit the Amahoro Homes.



For the past several years, the ACCT group, formerly known as Hope at the Edge or Justice Venture Africa, would write a blog during the trip. In this blog you can read many wonderful stories about our experience serving in Uganda. You can access the blog here:

The children are lovely

Senyonga Derrick Amahoro Childrens Home Uganda 

The children are lovely

Senyonga Derrick Amahoro Childrens Home Uganda

I visited Uganda for the first time in 2009, and the experience was life changing. I have become extremely attached to the kids I met, and I am committed to doing something about the poverty I saw in Uganda. I have now been to Uganda 5 times, including a 5 month study abroad, focused on Development Studies. Through working with the Amahoro Children’s Organization, I have learned that Caleb Rukundo is an incredible leader, he is working with a great staff, and they are taking care of truly amazing kids. I look forward to continuing to grow this organization and do more for impoverished children and communities in Uganda.

Austin Morgan