Kisenyi Projects

Kisenyi Feeding Programkisenyi

Kisenyi is a large Slum in Kampala. Three times a week, the Amahoro Organization serves free meals for people living in the slums. Read more about this program here.

The Halfway House for Children in the Slums

The Amahoro Organization maintains  two rooms in Kisenyi where street children can safely spend the night. These rooms serve as a half way house for children hoping to leave the slums and be resettled with family, or go live at one of the Amahoro Homes.

The Diamond Project

Children are not the only ones struggling in the slums, women also face a brutal life in Kisenyi. Options are extremely limited and some women are forced to turn to prostitution. In order to help these women escape this tragic situation, The Amahoro Organization has a safe room where several women  live, and where they are taught sewing skills.