Kisenyi Feeding Program

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday bob-in-kisenyiAmahoro provides a meal (lunch) to street children in Kisenyi Slum in Kampala. This is where a large number of street kids make their homes.

Many of the children on the street are orphans. Others ran away from their homes because of abuse or stifling poverty. The children in Kisenyi come from all over Uganda and the surrounding area. They are forced to inhabit trenches along the road and hidden corners. They have nowhere to sleep, no food to eat and often no clean water to drink.

Survival in the slums is hard. Some become thieves, others try to get work but jobs in the slums are scarce and pay is very poor. Inhabitants of the slums usually don’t have an education or necessary skills for employment.

The slums are dirty and maintaining good12036960_1142484185781635_6214784995396611359_n hygiene is nearly impossible. The children in the slums roam the streets hopelessly desperately looking for a ray of hope, or simply trying to get through another day. Because of boredom and pain, many inhabitants of the slums resort to the use of drugs such as jet fuel, a cheap inhaled substance that makes you high. Sniffing fuel coupled with hunger leads to numerous deaths in the slums. Crime is also an issue in the slums. Some of the most common crimes are rape, assault and robbery.

Amahoro serves free meals three days a week as part of our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and resettle these vulnerable children. Instead of letting them starve to death, we provide food and water on specified days. The project is designed in a way that the children receive counseling and guidance. Through this counselling we encourage children to reunite with their families if they have them. When possible, orphans are invited to go to one of the Amahoro Homes. However, there are many more kids in the slums than the homes can hold. The Amahoro Children’s Organization hopes to expand its relief programs in the slums and also eventually allow more children to move out of the slums, though both of these goals need funding.

When a child decides they want to leave the street, they are put on probation. Social workers from the Amahoro Children’s Organization monitor the child’s behavior and once they have decided the child behavior is acceptable, the child is admitted into one of the homes. Once admitted the child undergoes rehabilitation and a care plan is drafted. We normally support children with their education or have them enrolled into vocational schools.11037179_1142484305781623_7279491965395902279_n

Each year the Amahoro Children’s Organization rescues on average 30 children from Kisenyi. With support, we hope to increase this number significantly in the future.

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