Future Projects

Poverty is a daunting issue in Sub-Saharan Africa. But instead of letting this get us down, we continue dreaming how we can continue making a difference for the poor and marginalized in central Uganda. Our main focus now is finishing the Amahoro school. In addition we are fundraising to build a babies home, for children between the ages of 0 and 4.

The Mirembe Babies’ Home 

Back in August of 2016 the ACCT group 12047061_1142483925781661_8396802793889865420_ndedicated the ground for the new babies home. We have spent the last three years gathering ideas from various babies’ homes by visiting other babies homes in Kampala and seeing how they do things. As a result of this research we have a tentative design for the babies home; a house built around an enclosed courtyard. The courtyard would be open and visible from every room. The home would have staff quarters alternating between babies’ rooms, as well as glass windows between each room so babies can be quickly and quietly monitored at all times. The courtyard would be a play area. We also want to build a smaller room in the home we can keep warmer for premature infants.

Baby Mirembe was the first child Caleb rescued. Mirembe had Sickle Cell disease and she recovered nicely for a period of time at the Matugga home. But one day she suddenly began to deteriorate and a few weeks later she died of a probable “chest crisis.” She was dearly loved by Caleb, visitors who met her, and the other children, and just the mention of her name brings tears to Caleb and Pastor David’s eyes. We want to have a babies’ home to honor Mirembe.








Uganda has one of the highest fertility rates in the world, however when children are born into severe poverty, their parents often have no way of taking care of them. As a result many children are abandoned on the streets. Dr. Chris Morgan reviewed the medical charts at Sanyu Babies home in Kampala, 12063462_1142483459115041_1739182892304677432_nand the most common story for how children were found was in trash heaps. This tragedy needs to be changed. The complete solution requires restructuring the system so that children are not discarded in this horrible way.

An important first step to this solution is to provide a safe nurturing place for children that have been abandoned.We are working on raising the roughly $75-80,000 needed to build the Mirembe babies home. ACCT plans to hold a dinner auction in the spring of 2017 to fundraise for the project. We need all the help we  can get to make this dream become a reality. If you would like to donate visit our GoFundMe page for the Mirembe Babies Home: https://www.gofundme.com/mirembes-babies-home-acct-uganda

Other Future Projects

We want to expand our work in the slums, providing more meals and allowing more children to move out of the slums. This will involve the efforts of social workers in resettling children, and supporting families in their communities in order to prevent children being abandoned.

The Amahoro Sewing Program is just getting underway, and we plan to teach more children and beginning selling sewing products.

In the future we have envisioned building more homes in order to provide more safe nurturing places for other orphans and vulnerable children to live. One idea is to build family unit style housing. A building that would shelter around 10 children and would have a two mentors and parent figures. This idea is still being developed.