About Us

Amahoro is an East African word for peace. The Amahoro14115680_1374265155936869_3540230400021181799_o
Community Development Initiative, also referred to as the Amahoro Children’s Home is an NGO based in Uganda committed to peace building and combating poverty. The organization was founded and is directed by a Ugandan, Caleb Rukundo. We are committed to providing locally lead solutions in order to work towards sustainable development. The organization runs two homes for orphans and vulnerable children. The Matugga home just outside of Kampala, which has around 40 children, mostly girls, and the Amahoro Boys Home at the Gateway Youth Ranch, two hours north of Kampala, which also has around 40 children. Children from the ages of around 4 to 18 live at the homes. Most of the children in the homes are orphans, a few were forced to run away from their homes as a result of abuse.


The mission statement of the Amahoro children’s Home
is “Rescue, Rehabilitate, Resettle,” and this is what the organization does. Children are taken in and given a safe nurturing place to live and recover. Social workers from Amahoro try to figure out if the child has surviving relatives that would be able to take them in, if so, they go through the gradual process of resettling. If not, the children live at the homes matugga-pensive-girland go to school and learn skills that will eventually allow them to be self sufficient and give back to their communities. The Amahoro Children’s Home also sponsors domestic adoption and international adoptions. This model of care for children is inline with the Alternative Care Framework for Orphan care in Uganda.

The Amahoro Children’s Home is a loving and nurturing place for children. Children are raised on teachings of love and mercy from the perspective of Christian Morals. However, the home is accepting of children with different religious backgrounds. We believe all children are children of God, and should be loved accordingly. Visitors are welcomed with beautiful joy, and children not only have their basic needs met, but also have the opportunity to play and learn and discover the joys of the world, the way every child should be able to. Visitors are welcome at Amahoro. Contact Caleb Rukundo if you wish to visit either home.

In addition to the Children’s Homes, The Amahoro Community Development Initiative has several other projects. These include a feeding program and the diamond project in Kisenyi slum in Kampala, and the Amahoro School in Matugga. The Amahoro Organization also strives to support and enrich the communities surrounding the children’s homes.

The Amahoro Community Development Initiative is supported by donors. Supporting groups include the Amahoro Children and Community Team (ACCT), the Penny Jar Project, and others. We are grateful to our donors for their support. As we work to increase our positive impact, we appreciate any support you can give. The Amahoro Children’s Home is working towards becoming more self sustainable. We grow a variety of crops, raise animals, and use solar power.

The Amahoro Community Development Initiative plans to expand its reach in order to help more children escape the vicious cycles of poverty. When a child is in need, we do not see it as someone else problem; it is everyone’s problem. That is why our motto is, “They are All Our Children.” If we, as a global community, keep this in mind, we can live in a world with more Amahoro (peace).