Happy New Year 2017


We want to thank the Good Lord who has guided and protected us through 2016. We have seen a lot of good things done and achieved.

Our achievements over look our challenges and for that we want to thank everyone of you; our staff and sponsors who have enabled us put a smile on the children faces.

We might not be able to put all we have done here, we are working on our website, which very soon we will launch and shall have detailed information both for the past and present.

Right from the onset, we were destined for a high. Our goal is to rescue vulnerable children, rehabilitate them and where possible reunite them with their families. Overtime we rescue children from the streets, abandoned ones to sum it all: vulnerable children. We live with such children giving them all care until such a time when they are no longer vulnerable. We sometimes unite them with their parents or if chances for harm or the very reasons for vulnerability exist, stay with the child equipping him or her with the necessary tools of survival until a time when they can survive on their own. It’s in this spirit that this year some of our children, part of our staff and community members engaged in a 3 months training course in Tailoring and Design which was completed successfully.

We are happy that we have children in higher institutions of learning and one doing her internship. Next year we are enrolling more into these higher institutions of learning and others for vocational studies.

At secondary level, we expect more admissions next year. We had candidates at primary level and secondary level. Results will be out by February next year and further action undertaken.

We received a number of visitors both from abroad and within who brought us immense gifts and gave several donations – thank you so much for without your support we could not make it. We appreciate all kinds of help extended to Amahoro.

Some of these visitors went ahead to extend their expertise to the local community who value and cherish Amahoro. Mostly this has been medical wise.


This year, with help from friends, we enrolled one of our special cases, a child named Maltina (Maltina suffers from cerebral palsy) unto physiotherapy. See previous posts for more information about her. Currently, With Support, Maltina can walk 50 meters and can sit for over an hour! We are still hopeful Maltina will walk on her own and eventually talk.

Staff. We hold our staff in high regard and continue recruiting people with different expertise. We always train our staff in different areas such as child development, finance, psychology, alternative care among other fields.

Farm/Ranch. Amahoro comprises of two homes, Gateway Youth Ranch and Matugga girls home. At both homes we have farms whose aim is to support the organization economically. At Gateway the farm comprises of Magoes (they are still young), cattle and sheep with additions to be made. We intend to plant coffee next year.

At Matugga Girls home, we have planted sweet potatoes and cassava. Our goats (both boer and local) increase in number each day. Just recently we received a twin birth. By mid 2018 we expect to have 100 boer goats.

Christmas: We held our Christmas and Thanksgiving party on the theme of ‘Being Thankful’. We continue to thank the almighty, our sponsors and staff for continuing to make our dream come true.

Thank you all and May God bless you. Happy new year.

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