Amahoro Sewing Program

Amahoro will always look towards the ug-sewingbetterment of our children and the community at large. The organization envisions a brighter future for the children that we work with.

With the generous support of ACCT, the Amahoro Organization obtained four more sewing machines bringing the total number of sewing machines to eight. The organization also hired a trainer to teach the children sewing skills.

To start off the program, two children, two staff and several community members were identified to take part in two months of sewing training. As I write this, It has been a month and we are happy to report that they are learning fast! They have learned how to sew pants, dresses and shirts from scratch! After this group finishes their two month training we hope to start training other children and

The Amahoro Organization will support the community members who have learned how to sew to start their own projects using the Amahoro sewing machines. We believe that by supporting the community, we empower them to look after their children and reduce cases of child abandonment or abuse.

Someday, the Amahoro Organization hopes to build a vocational-secondary school, and this sewing program is the first step towards this goal. Hopefully someday the Amahoro Organization will have the capacity to impart different life skills to different individuals depending on their ability and preference.


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